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Teutonic CSS
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Numeric stepper

<div class="flex wrap-no gap-no read_s">
  <button class="span-auto pa_m button" id="num-minus">-</button>
  <input class="input pa_m" type="number" value="42" id="num-value">
  <button class="span-auto pa_m button" id="num-plus">+</button>
  // Numeric stepper demo
  // Don't copy this for demo only
  var numPlus = document.getElementById('num-plus');
  var numMinus = document.getElementById('num-minus');
  var numValue = document.getElementById('num-value');
  function countUp() { numValue.stepUp(1); }
  function countDown() { numValue.stepDown(1); }
  numPlus.addEventListener('click', countUp, false);
  numMinus.addEventListener('click', countDown, false);